Lobster soup

We have now introduced a delicious Lobster soup in consumer packs.
This is among our most ambitous products. espcially for the gourmet lovers. As with our other products, the soup is fully cooked and only needs to be re-heated. 
The stock is made from Lobster claws and transformed into a delicious soup which would make any restaurant proud.
Grimur kokkur suggests:
Try frying some Lobster tails, or other seafood, and add it to the soup. Serve with garlic bread or warm rolls.
Lobster stock 70%, vegan-cream (buttermilk, vegatable oil, solidifide fat,
starch, binders: E472b, E435, E433, flavorants, stabalisers: carrageenan, coloring agents, beta carotene), tomato pureé (consolodated tomato juice, salt, citrus acid) carrots, onion, butter, flour, citrus acid (caliumdisulfit) cognac, stock (hydrolised vegetable proteins (contains soyja), vegetable fat (palmolive) spice
(contains celery) garlic, black pepper, paprika, muscat, star anise, curry, bay leaf, lobsterfond (white wine, fish, milk acid, potato starch, caliumsorbat, rosemary, majoram) and a lot of passion during cooking.
Nutritional value in 100g:
Energy 512 kJ / 122 kkal
Fat 10,8 g
- Of which saturated fat 7,0 g
Carbohydrates 4,4 g
- Of which sugars 0,8 g
Protein 1,8 g
Salt 0,7 g
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